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About Us

Decades of Experience

Transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis!   A pool encourages an active lifestyle and is a source of endless fun on hot summer days. While it’s a perfect spot for entertaining and creating long-lasting memories, a backyard pool can also significantly increase the value of your property.

Add a touch of sophistication to your home while offering numerous physical and emotional benefits.

Owning a hot tub offers a luxurious escape – right in your own backyard. The warm, swirling waters provide hydrotherapy that can soothe sore muscles, reduce joint pain, and melt away daily stress. A hot tub creates a space for relaxation and better sleep, helping you feel refreshed. It’s perfect for intimate moments with a partner or hosting social gatherings with friends and family. 

We are proud to be Vermont’s Trusted Pool and Hot Tub dealer.

With decades of combined experience, the Shepnell team is here to help create your in-home and backyard daily vacation experience!

Whether you’re considering a pool or a hot tub, we know it is a significant investment and we’re here to help.  We work with you to determine your needs, wants, and budget.  We offer evaluation, design, and installation for above-ground and in-ground pools.  Finding the perfect hot tub or pool for your lifestyle begins with exploring our inventory. We can walk you through the details and specifications of our models while keeping your preferences in mind. You can feel confident knowing you’re making an informed choice.